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    do smart previews work another operating system (windows created opened on mac)

    francism34191997 Level 1

      I created a test catalog with a few hundred RAW files in it. It is save on dropbox with smart previews. The catalog was created on my windows ws at the office. When I came home I opened the catalog on my macbook. It opens with no errors and I can view files in the Library but if I click on one to zoom full size, it is blurred. If I try to go into develop which should work, a blurred image shows up and the overlay says "The file could not be found".


      I checked the catalog properties and it says there are 19mb of smart previews. I can see the xxxxx smart previews.lrdata file in the same directory as the catalog. It just doesn't seem to be working. Is this supposed to work across platforms?? Can catalogs with smart previews be opened on the "other" platform from what they were created on?? Hmmmm..