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    PLEASE HELP!! Need some way to read header text in advanced datagrid using QTP

      I am writing a function to read column names in advanced data grid. There is no operation for that and any of the properties that I can use to read the column names.

      Please suggest any way that I can get the names of columns in the advanced data grid.


        • 1. PLEASE HELP!! Need some way to read header text in advanced datagrid using QTP
          akki_sagar Level 1
          I hope to hear something from adobe folks...I am providing more info.....

          I am using QTP 9.2 and Flex 3 add-in available from Adobe.

          My application has flex Advanced datagrid object and I am trying to read column names for the datagrid.

          I have contacted developers and they told me that column names for flex advanced datagrid are stored in "Header Text"

          I have tried reading "Header Text" using GetROProperty("HeaderText") but it doesn't return anything.

          I have tried the following code:
          x = Browser("app").FlexApplication("flexapp").FlexCanvas("Canvas").FlexAdvancedDatagrid("esti mategridid").GetROProperty("Header Text")
          msgbox x

          I have also tried getting value for column names using other available properties for webtables like outerhtml, outertext, alt etc. but I don't get any data.

          Part of the problem may be because none of the above mentioned properties are supported by Flex Advanced datagrid.

          I have also tried getting child objects but I always get the data in datagrid as values but not the column names.

          My primary reason for getting column names is to write a function to update cell in datagrid independent of application. So, I want to pass column name as a parameter to the function and get the corresponding columnIndex in the function by comparing the parameter value against column names.

          Thanks to all for you help...