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    AE CC 2015 (13.6) won't release AJA Io XT on quit. (Mac Issue)


      Well... To my surprise today after updating last week, I got to use After Effects for updating to tv show sequences for the upcoming air season.  After rendering these sequences out, quitting and starting up FCPX 10.2.2, I noticed that FCPX wasn't responding.  I have to Force Quit FCPX. Before I go any further, here's my system specs:


      2015 iMac 5k Retina with secondary Thunderbolt Apple monitor

      Core i7 3.2 ghz processor

      32 gig RAM

      MacOS 10.10.5 Yosemite

      Adobe CC 2015 (latest release)

      AJA Io XT 12.3.7 drivers Thunderbolt connection

      2 Promise Pegasus 12TB RAID daisy chained Thunderbolt


      Ok...  Back to the issue.  I looked to make sure that everything was up to date.  No... I have not upgraded to El Capitan just yet.  When I no longer had any control of my AJA Io XT, I looked in its control panel app and it reported that the device was still in use but After Effects, even though, After Effects is NOT running.  The ONLY way to release the device is to reboot my computer and I have to do this every time I use After Effects until this issue is repaired.  I have repaired my permissions and run several utility apps checking for issues.  None were found.