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    Using binding for effect targets

    boulder_lingie Level 1
      I have an array that I'm dynamically updating while my application runs. I've declared the array bindable:
      public var myArray : Array = new Array();

      Then I have a Glow effect:
      <mx:Glow id="myGlow" color="0xFFFFFF"
      repeatCount="0" strength="100" targets="{myArray}"
      perElementOffset="250" duration="500"
      alphaFrom="0.0" alphaTo="1.0" blurXFrom="0" blurXTo="5" blurYFrom="0" blurYTo="5" />

      I "play" the Glow (myGlow.play()), but I'm not getting glowing. Do I need to pause and restart after the array changes? If I clear the array entirely can I just call myGlow.stop() ?