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    Convert from Raw


      i accidentally took pictures in Raw With my canon rebel t2i.  Now I have to convert so I can get them developed.  Struggling to figure this out.  Can anyone give me simple instructions.  I'm a tactile learning and reading instructions is so confusing  thanks in advance

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi janeto


          How do you want to convert these images and what is the image format you want to convert them to?

          Which Adobe Product do you have to achieve this?




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            Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi janeto,


            If you took some image in Raw using your Camera and now you want to develop them further, then you can use Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 to open those image and edit them.




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              janeto74384018 Level 1

              i read somewhere that I should save as Eixf-TIFF (8bit). I downloaded both mentioned programs but I just don't get it.  are there some simple instructions

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Have you purchased any Adobe software?  If so, what?

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You've posted on an Adobe forum dedicated to the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (and a few others) and general subjects about raw conversion in Adobe products.


                  If you don't own any Adobe products and aren't that interested in learning how to process raw photos with them on an ongoing basis, then there are probably simpler ways to get at the images in your raw files.


                  If you do want to start shooting raw with your camera (I've been doing it since 2003 when I got my first raw-capable camera) then there are many tutorials and videos about what to do but a lot of it is learning-by-doing.

                  On place to see videos is Adobe TV then choose Products and the product you're wanting to see tutorials on.  There is also an Adobe YouTube channels that have much of the same content.  You can start at the AdobeSystems channel and look over at the right for more product-specific channels:

                  Adobe - YouTube


                  Now, if you purchased this camera, yourself, or otherwise still have the box the camera came in, then there is a CD or DVD in the box that contains the software Canon Digital Photo Professional.  This software has the same conversion algorithms as the camera itself. The way to use it would be to open the software, browse to the folder with the raw images, select them, then choose File / Convert and Save.  If you want to make adjustments to the photo then you can choose File / Open in Edit:

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                    Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                    Prepare yourself.


                    Think of Lightroom as you would an old-school darkroom; you use it to "develop" your RAW images, which are the old-school, digital equivalent of photographic negatives. You pull your RAW images into Lightroom and then begin to tweak using Lightroom's controls. Thought that image looked a little too underexposed? Pull the Exposure slider to the right.


                    Once you're done "developing," you export the RAW image into a format that's suitable for its target destination. (e.g., If you intend to show this image on the Internet, you would choose a format like JPEG.)


                    Photoshop is a whole other animal. It's the de facto image editing standard. If you're just into straight-up photography, you might not ever need it. If you're at all the creative type to make multi-layered composites or just want to remove an element from an image, Photoshop would be the tool to do it with.


                    Photoshop uses a plug-in called Camera Raw to open RAW images as Photoshop cannot open RAW images on its own. Camera Raw's workflow is extremely similar to Lightroom's workflow; it "develops" RAW images. I'd go so far as to say that Lightroom is Camera Raw with a fancier graphical user interface, plus cataloging and some other features.


                    Some use Lightroom to develop their RAW images, and some use Camera Raw (with Photoshop) instead.


                    With all this being said, my suggestion is to start with Lightroom since you sound like you're new to all this. You'll probably want to pull in a RAW image you don't care about and play with Lightroom's controls to get an idea of what does what.


                    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Lightroom Help


                    If you have any questions, that's what we're here for.