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    Presets missing since OSX reinstall


      Hi, someone please set my mind at rest as I'm having a dummy spit here.


      I backed up all my seperate wedding catalogues to an external HD. They had the .xmp box checked. in prefs. I've just opened the catalogue on a newly installed OSX El capitan and there are none of my presets installed obviously as I have just installed a fresh LR and PS.


      I've found and imported my presets however it seems that hours worth of editing is not showing in the catalogue. I have already exported proofs of the images to the client, so am I going to have to go back through everything and match the settings by eye?


      Not sure I understand how do presets work - if they are not linked to the catalogue does the image and .xmp forget about them and wipe all develop settings? If so is there any way to get that back?