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    Flex validation in Java

    BCarleski Level 1
      I am using a product called Crystal Xcelsius to design and develop dashboards for banking customers. The product using Flex controls with an Excel spreadsheet to show data. It then supports data connections to refresh or update that data. After setting all this up, it compiles it down to a Flash (SWF) file that can be delivered to our client.

      On the client's machine, the SWF file is loaded into a database and then served up to the users as needed. Also loaded into the database are the SQL queries which will be used to provide the data needed to refresh the connections.

      These SWF files and queries can be provided by us, but we also let our clients use Xcelsius to create their own and then upload them into our application. What I am looking for is a way to validate the SWF file as part of the import process. Specifically, since they are providing an SWF and a set of queries with connection names and range names, I want to parse the SWF file and make sure that the data connections in the SWF file match the queries that they have provided with the SWF file. I want to make sure that all connections in the SWF file have queries provided, and that there are no queries that were provided which don't map to connections in the SWF file.

      I can take care of the mapping, the part I don't know about is getting the list of connections specified in the SWF file. Since the server that is importing these files is running Java, are there any Java components or libraries I can use to look into a SWF file and get the list of data connections in the file?

      Any help, thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated.