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    Flex Login System with BlazeDS

      Hey all,

      For a project for school, my group and I are designing a bittorrent client with a Flex website as our front end. I am charged with creation of the front end and I am struggling to determine how I can have users for the website along with a working login/validiation system. I am planning on using BlazeDS, Hibernate, and MySQL database as the backend. I have looked into Spring Security but that seems a little too in depth for what I need.

      What I am thinking is that I will persist users data in the database. Creating a user will merely add another user to the database. The problem is I'm not sure how to persist and authenticate a user once they login. Is there a way to have a Session or a client (maybe FlexClient?) that will encapsulate the user's info for authentication and authorization for their time in the application?

      Any help or suggestions on how to create a login/user system in Flex/BlazeDS is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!
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          I would just setup a login and command processing servlet and run it on https. Then whenever a user wants to do something, they send the command along with their username and MD5 checksummed password. Before processing the command/ data, check to see if the username and MD5(password) match the database records and proceed from there.

          I don't even know if my idea is possible/workable/secure/sane but it is worth investigating.