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    Project compile to Help

      I use italized green text for the hot spot for expanded text and dropdowns. I have been working on a project for three months and compile and save a backup every night. However, today a compiled project makes all my expanded and dropdowns look like jumps in the Help. They still perform as expected, but the appearance has changed and not differentiated from the jumps text. I have selected all topics, edited the assigned the Style Sheet Appearance assignment and have the same result.
      Any ideas??? Thanks
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Marlago,

          What attributes are applied to the 'styles' Expanding Hotspot and Expanding Text?
          As a test, have you tried modifying these styles and recompiling to see if you changes take effect?

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            Marlago Level 1
            I had not made any changes to styles for quite a while (month or more). When this event occurred, I made several attempts to edit the topic in the latest work completed before compiling. But each compile resulted in the same event.
            I selected all topics in accordance to the RoboHelp Help, then Properties Appearances tab. I checked all the bold items and they were still as original. That is, the Drop-down hotspot and Expanding hotspot all the same; Hyperlink + color: Green, cursor: hand; fint-style: italic; x-text-underline: off; x-text-overline: off; x-text-line-through: off; font-size: 10pt.
            Expanding text; SPAN + font-style: italic; font-weight: normal: color: Teal; font-size: 10pt; x-text-underline: Off;
            As a matter of fact I can select the style sheet (HtmlHelp.css) and make some edits, but the Apply button does not enable. When I made the last edit prior to my original email, I did check the original stype sheet. I had two listed in the projects tab: default.css and HtmlHelp.css. I checked the edits in the Appearance tab and I do not remember if the Apply button was active, but I assume that it was since I now only have the HtmlHelp.css listed in the project tab Syple Sheets folder.
            I still get the expanded and drop downs appearing in the color Blue and underlined just as the Hyperlink.
            Any suggestions????
            Thanks, Bruce