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    Export single PDF pages from InDesign after data merge

    adamg86737138 Level 1

      So I've hit this snag with my latest job that I can't seem to get around.


      I'm generating almost 700 product bag labels using data merge that will each be in their own PDF with a unique file name.


      My current process is:

      1. Open my file in InDesign.
      2. Data merge all the labels as ‘create merged document’.
      3. Run a script that does some minor edits and then automatically adds bookmarks based on a paragraph style.
      4. Export file as one pdf containing all labels.


      Now this is the snag I've run into. Originally I thought I would open the pdf in acrobat and then split the file based on the bookmark names - which works great. However I also need to convert the text to outlines so the fonts don't get substituted by our supplier in China (long story). Conveniently I have discovered Acrobat can do this itself, but unfortunately it cannot be used in the Action Wizard for multiple single paged pdf files. And if I convert the text to outlines before splitting the pdf, the bookmark naming convention doesn't seem to work anymore...


      I thought another way it could work is if there was a script that would export the single page pdf files from InDesign itself and use the paragraph style for the naming. And then I could just set a pdf preset to outline the text. I can't seem to find anything like those though...


      So there is my pickle. I'd be grateful for any suggestions!


      Thanks in advance!