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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Video playback buffering


      After I burnt my videos to a DVD, it keeps buffering while playing back on the TV.  But it doesn't buffer when I play back on the computer.  Can someone help me figure why?  I didn't do anything fancy to it.  Just added videos and burnt.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's most likely an issue with the media (disc) itself. It's not a software issue or it wouldn't play at all.


          First, are you using a DVD-RW? These discs store their data differently that DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs. And some disc players don't like them.


          Second, are you using a good brand of DVD disc? Low end brands like Memorex have such inconsistent quality that they often play very poorly.


          Third, Premiere Elements burns discs at a set speed. But you'll often get the best quality burns if you use a program that creates your disc at a slower speed. I always create an ISO file rather than burning directly to a disc, then I use a program like ImgBurn (free) to burn the disc. Among other advantages, ImgBurn verifies the disc after it burns it, which guarantees a good, high quality burn.