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    Debugging SWF from WebKit

    markdemich Level 1
      I have a SWF that normally runs from a website. However, now I need to deploy it on a stand alone CD without internet so I'm essentially building an air app that would host my SWF. Since my swf uses ExternalInterface extensively, I decided it would be best to have my air app use webkit to embed the SWF in an html file. This way, I can use javascript the html to talk to my SWF and my air app, creating a kind of bridge.

      In principal this seems to be working fine. However, I can't figure out a way to debug my SWF when it's being host this way in my air app. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it running in the debugger? Having a debugger available really saves time when you encounter stuff that's not working.

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          Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee
          Hi Mark,
          When using AIR 1.5 and starting with a HTML AIR app (the root is a html file) it tries to start the debugger for the html/js part.
          In order to debug the swf that's embedded in html you need to:
          1) use the debug version of the swf
          2) have the IDE started in debug mode. You're using Authoring tool, right?
          2) start the application with adl with -nodebug to prevent starting of the debugger for the AIR HTML app. Instead, the debug swf will be the one that will connect to debugger.

          Hope this helps,
          Dragos Georgita
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            markdemich Level 1
            I just want to elaborate a bit. My AIR app is not necessarily HTML based. I have one MXML form that has an HTML control on it. In that HTML control, I load an HTML file that has an object tag that references a separate SWF.

            I could swear I tried what you said, and when I right clicked on the HTML page in the Air app, I didn't get the usual "Debugger" menu item in the popup menu that I would normally see in a regular browser.

            I'll try again and let you know.
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              Dragos GEORGITA Adobe Employee
              Hi Mark,
              Yes, I think you need to replace the regular player plugin dll with the debug version.
              It's located inside the sdk folder as "runtimes\air\win\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Resources\NPSWF32.dll"

              Let me know if this works.