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    Bitmap Stuff

    Single_Ton Level 1
      Hi All,

      I am facing a problem to implement one Flash stuff.
      I would like to add an image content upon another image. Just like applying pattern in photo shop.
      Well Below link is having what i am expecting. Does any one help me to get such an effect?

      Goto this url and Add Some TEXT / ClipArt and fill some color for ClipArts.
      Now press "Add Distress" now you will see how it is working......


      Thanks in advance.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Have you tried anything yet? One way to do it is to have the overlay there invisibly, and make it visible with a button click or whatever control you plan for it.

          The example site you provided probably includes a mask layer encompassing it all so that the overlay doesn't appear except where the image below is meant to appear.
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            Single_Ton Level 1
            Hi NEDWEBS,
            Thank you so much for quick reply, I have tried to mask the content, Since i am having Lot of movieClips inside such Clips Masking gives some noice and is not Properly rendering the image.

            So i need some alternate for this. Can u able to help me on this.
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              I don't know that the mask would be causing noise problems. I'd suspect more that whatever else is under it might be the problem. Describe in detail what you have there and what you are trying to accomplish.
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                Single_Ton Level 1
                Hi NEDWEBS,
                i will give you in detail.

                I am Developing an application to Design and take printout from on-line.
                for that only i am in need of the overlay distress effect,

                First complexity is All the ClipArts will be added dynamicaly (Similar to Blue cotton)

                After adding the ClipArt we can apply Distress for the ClipArts.
                When you press distress it will add Distress for all the cliparts Not for only one.


                to achieve this i need to handle Three movieClips
                1 - ForMasking (We need to add the clipart when ever it is added to the original clipart holder, which is little difficult to achieve in this case)
                2 - Overlay distress effect
                3 - Original ClipArt

                Please advice if you know any solution
                (I though of using BITMAP to re-create the Holder and to use it as mask, but no luck)
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                  Single_Ton Level 1
                  Any Help ?????????