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    Custom Column Guides Indesign 5.5

    ianb1951 Level 1

      To create uneven column guides for a booklet in InDesign 5.5


      In my example I want to create three columns where two columns are 56mm wide and the third column is 38mm


      1. Set up your booklet in the normal way and select 3 columns with 5mm gutter. I also want to create my margins the same on top, bottom, left and right, so I have made these 25mm each.

      2. Once this is set, go to Window menu and select Pages

      3. Go to A Master. On the right hand page draw a 1pt box 56mm wide x 247mm deep. Place it to the left margin. Copy it and go to Edit and down to Step and Repeat. Set the count to 2, the vertical to 0 and the horizontal to 61mm (56mm plus 5mm gutter). Now on your page the third box will be overlapping the right hand margin. Select the third box and pull the right hand handle to the left back to line up with the pink margin. This is now the template for your columns.

      4. Copy the three boxes and paste. Do not unselect them and go to flip horizontally to create a mirror image and then place that into position on your left hand page. Deselect.

      5. Go to VIEW and down to Grids and Guides and uncheck Lock Column Guides.

      6. You will now be able to drag the column guides as a pair to your template.

      7. Delete the boxes that you created as a template.

      8. Go to VIEW and down to Grids and Guides and check Lock Column Guides.



      There you have it