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    Changing character set in Robohelp HTML

      I am trying to update a help text for an online system that will soon be moving from intranet to internet. I have been advised that the charset needs to be iso-8859-1. The system is showing a character set of windows-1252 at the moment.

      I have tried changing this in the meta tag on a couple of pages but even after saving the page when I come back to it RH shows it has reverted back to the old charset.

      1. Is there any way of controlling this?
      2. Is there some way I can change this across the board without going into each page individually?

      Any help gratefully received


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          ElisaFnord Level 2
          Congratulations! You have been bitten by the WYSIWYG, a nasty little house pet that runs around RoboHelp chewing up people's code.

          Luckily, it's not a very bright beast, and you can get around it pretty easily.

          In this case (do this with a copy of your project file, needless to say),

          a. Open the project, but don't open any topics in the WYSIWYG tab.
          b. Use Multi-File Find & Replace (on the Tools tab) to replace the word "windows-1252" with "iso-8859-1". Make sure that the 'Ignore HTML text' checkbox is cleared - you want to change the HTML here.
          c. Still without displaying anything in WYSIWYG, generate the WebHelp. The topics will show the iso-8859-1 charset.


          1. I don't know about the charset of the WebHelp frame elements. This changes topics only.

          2. You need to look at every help topic over the internet to find any windows-1252 encodings that need to be changed. You can change them in the TrueCode tab - just remember that the code changes will be overwritten if you display the topic in WYSIWYG again.

          Also, keep in mind that WebHelp is very tolerant of changes made to the output files - it's not compiled or anything - so if your internet server "advisers" need something done that you can't control from within the RoboHelp app, they can tweak each new version you send them to suit themselves, or at the very least, research and explain to you exactly what they want. (Warning, old rant approaching) It continually amazes me that the developers want us to figure out their jobs for them. I guess that goes for the Internet police, too.