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    HTML component, port number problem

      I have an HTML component embedded inside an AIR app. When the user makes this component visible, the HTML component simply loads the contents of a URL. During development, I want to load content from a locally running Web server on port 8080. However, this does not seem to work. E.g., when I set

      htmlComponent.location = " http://localhost";

      This works as expected. However,

      htmlComponent.location = " http://localhost:8080";

      does nothing. I verified on the server that the HTML component doesn't even attempt to connect to the server.

      I also verified that this URL is valid and works (using my local Web browser) as well as via curl. Further, I also tested the connection via the URLMonitor class from within the AIR app: The URL is available, according to the URLMonitor.

      Any suggestions as to why the content can't be loaded from the local port 8080 would be appreciated. This is pretty much a show-stopper for me now, because I can't run the local server on port 80 during development. FYI, I'm on OS X. Also, in previous versions of AIR (about a year ago), I didn't have this problem.


      -- Frank Sommers