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    Audio stopped working in After Effects cs5.5 AND Premiere Pro

    Mariekeeeh Level 1

      I'm working on an animation and almost finished the project with everything working just fine.


      But now suddenly today audio has stopped working entirely in After Effects.

      RAM preview is playing without sound (although Audio is checked ON in the menu), i can't hear anything while scrubbing with Cmd key...

      The waveform is still there and the audio for the layer is turned on...


      But NO sound can be heard at all within After Effects... same in totally different projects which i finished earlier just fine with working audio, now nothing to be heard.


      I'm on After Effects cs5.5 on El Capitan. I restarted After Effects, Restarted entire mac... no sound.


      Anyone have any clue where i can find a solution? Searching the web mostly gives back tips on how to use RAM previews etc, but i know all that stuff, it just stopped working today!



      Edit: Audio stopped working in premiere also! Aaaargh!