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    Slow playback on Preview

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      I just downloaded Version


      I now have an issue of playback playing slowly (as if the frame rate has gone down significantly) when previewing any content.  The timeline (or portion of it) has cached, but it still plays as almost half speed.  The audio does not stutter at all - as it should do if struggling to preview everything.... It just sounds strangely slowed down and drawn out!  I have checked all frame rates, and tried very simple compositions, to ascertain if the RAM was struggling, but its simply not the case.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it makes AE currently un-usable for me!


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          Leonardo Sulzbach Level 1

          Same here my friend! I have a brand new Mac Pro 2013 here... in fact, im just going to use AE CC 2014 because everything in running perfect on that version.

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            anthonye43365399 Level 1

            Same problem for me with version I read somewhere that drawing the UI (the playhead specifically) is taking too many resources during playback. For me the solution was to scroll the timeline to where the playhead is not visible and then start the preview. As long as the playhead is not within view, playback is full speed. You could also hit the tilde key with your mouse over the composition window to maximize it to fill the screen and thus hide the timeline and playhead. Then your preview will be full speed also. This is still an annoying workaround, but it worked for me.

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              Same problem here.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I have to use the tilde key work around but that doesn't really help when you're editing to music.

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                ashleys38493417 Level 1

                What do you mean by scroll the timeline to where the playhead is not visible?



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                  anthonye43365399 Level 1

                  Move your view to a portion of the timeline that you are not previewing so that the playhead (the Current Time Indicator, or the vertical red line that moves across the timeline during previews) is outside the bounds of the timeline window. For example, if you want to preview the first ten seconds of your composition then you would need to scroll over so that only the 11th second and beyond show in the timeline. And of course you would first set the playhead to the very first frame or set the work area to cover the first through tenth second depending on your preview settings.

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                    I've been using After Effects for easily over ten years now - and never had a problem with playback. Now, myself and SEVERAL other editors on other systems are having the exact same problem. No real-time audio playback (after Ram preview of course), and sometimes can't even get a real time video playback. Are you kidding me?!  After Effects has become useless. But we simply rolled back to 2015 (thanks to Time Machine it was easy) and everything is working just fine. But of course the problem is  - we WANT TO have the latest versions because we are paying for them!  This problem happened on two older Mac Pros (2008 and 2009) and also on a new iMac.  Ram was either 18 gigs or 32 gigs.  Quadro 4000 graphic cards and SSD start up drives. Hopefully Adobe will see this as an emergency fix!  We're all going to stick with 2015 (some fellow editors are even staying with 2014) until the dust settles.

                    What else happened? Well, Photoshop got really slow (I shoot 42 megapixel stills) and Premiere Pro crashed soon as I went into the color room. Yikes! I don't mind sticking with 2015 apps for now, but not going to continue to pay for apps that have broken upgrades.  So please guys...fix it.

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                      Leonardo Sulzbach Level 1

                      I just perform the last update right now and.... i feel a small improvement but... the playback keeps a very lack performance. The problem is the playhead like Anthony said above. Well, to be honest im just keep using CC 2014 until 2015 have a good behavior in my system.

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                        Adobe where are you? This is so wrong...

                        How can we expect to do this kind of workaround on a years long good working software, this is so annoying, by the way, another workaround is to precomp everything, and then it will preview correctly.