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    ftp server not working??


      I use ftp.adobe.com often to get latest Reader and other products from Adobe i use so I can install them silently on multiple PC's both at work but also at home i run my own home made Silent Installer when i reinstall a pc or test on virtual machine.


      Thing is now the ftp.adobe.com ask for username and password is that a mistake or?


      I also noticed the Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe has a warning about being shut down.


      I hope its a joke.


      PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong area problem is i don't know where this belong at all.

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Moving the discussion to Installing Flash Player

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            Nimras Level 1

            Anyone with a answer to why they have a username and password now on their public ftp server?

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Nimras,

              The distribution page you link to is indeed being deprecated and replaced with a new page accessible via log-in to customers who license Flash Player, as the note on the page states.

              I'm not familiar with the ftp server, and will inquire about that.




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                Nimras Level 1



                ty its where i get updates mainly for Adobe Reader especially XI for silent installation in Danish and English.


                So not sure why they changed it as it been open for as long i can remember.


                That License thing is that free to get since the normal page you go to is useless for someone like me who have several computers at home and also at work need it for easy updating and useage?

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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  Hi Nimras,


                  I recommend posting your question on the Adobe Reader ftp server to the Acrobat Reader forum.  I don't know where you originally posted your comment, but it was moved to the Flash Player forum.  Perhaps because you included comments on Flash Player.  Since the server in questions is used by Reader, someone on the Reader forum should be able to assist.


                  Regarding licensing Flash Player:

                  For the majority of use cases there is no fee to license Flash Player, however, there are permitted and not permitted uses (that also determine approval/disapproval of the licensing request).  Please review the Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe page for information on licensing Flash Player.




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                    Nimras Level 1

                    Hi m_vargas


                    Problem with this FTP server is it also contains Air, Flash and so forth basicly everything, the few times the distribution page been down i have use the ftp for flash, and when i am there to look for adobe reader updates i also look for flash so the ftp is or was for everything not sure anymore.


                    But i can try asking this question in Reader part as well.


                    Atul_Saini moved it from where i posted it which i thought was the right place due to it having to do with installations of all products and servers hence ftp i thought.

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                      maria__ Adobe Employee



                      I'm not aware of distributing Flash Player installers via FTP server.  I will inquire. But for the Reader files, please do post to the Reader forum.  I realize it's cumbersome to post twice, however, Reader is handled by a completely different team.