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    General functionality of photo uploader, errors etc., any advice?


      Hello all,

      I'm using 2-3 photo sharing websites and none caused issues like the Behance uploader did. I'm not sure if it's just me, but this is a list of things that regularly happen, no matter which browser (all updated to latest versions) and operating system I'm using:

      1. When bulk-uploading, regularly 20% of the photos selected do not get uploaded, there's no error message either, they are just being missed. File sizes are within requirements.

      2. Behance logs me out regularly and randomly whilst I'm still editing the project. As a result, I have to repeat all steps I did since I last hit the save button.

      3. In project-editing mode, the website is generally fairly slow (I have ca. 40 photos in my project - maybe too many?). It is using up all of my bandwith and CPU power (I have a two year-old Macbook pro) and it takes a long time add captions etc. Do other users experience this too? I wish there was a HTML version or something simple but manageable to upload photos to a project.


      All together it takes a very long time to edit a project, and numerous steps have to be repeated over and over..


      Happy to hear comments..... Thank you!