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    Problem with tracking face in character animator

    Smart Ears Level 1

      Hello everyone -- I'm a newbie to character animator and was going through the preview 3 examples. I use a macbook pro and am a creative cloud subscriber.  My problem is that when I click on the set rest pose button in the camera window, I don't get the red dots that track my face -- in fact nothing seems to be happening. So I'm not able to experiment at all with the red monster. Is there something I'm doing wrong?  I opened the preview 3 examples as instructed from within Adobe After Effects. I'm a teacher and really want to use this with students!!!!!   Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Sometimes the dots latch onto background objects (a poster on the wall for example) if it thinks that's closest to a face. The more well-lit and big your face is in the camera, the better.

          I haven't personally heard of a technical reason the dots wouldn't appear, but if possible, try it on a different webcam to see if that solves it. You can also double-click your face to set the rest pose as well, or use the 3-line "hamburger" menu above to switch to a different camera.


          Hope that helps, if not let us know...