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    Duplicate variables after error

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      Hi all,


      I was trying to change the name of a variable like I have done in the past, but received an error message in the middle of changing it. I apologize, I didn't note it at the time because I did not believe there would be a follow up issue. After restarting RoboHelp, I now have a duplicate variable of everything I have entered to this point. I have tried changing one of the variables thinking it might just be a glitch, but it does not affect the other variable. I have restarted my computer and it is not an issue with that either. Does anyone know what could have caused this and more importantly a way to fix it without going through each individual variable and deleting it?


      Screenshot 2015-12-08 08.39.22.png

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          jessicah27701490 Level 1

          On a more in depth look, it appears that the variables do not affect each other, but both affect the variable on the page. I am able to delete one without getting rid of the reference, leaving me with one functional variable. It's a pain, but at least it can be manually fixed. My previous question still remains though. Does anyone know what would have caused this?

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            If I were in your shoes I might try the following.


            Make a backup copy of your RoboHelp project for Justin.


            Enable the option to clear the CPD when RoboHelp opens.


            Right-click a file in the Project Explorer pod and choose to Explore. (This should open Windows Explorer)


            Close the project.


            From Windows Explorer, locate the file named RHVar.apj. Right-click that file and open it using Windows Notepad.


            Are all the variables repeated in this file? If so, clear the duplicates and close and save the file.


            Restart RoboHelp and see if things are back to normal.


            Cheers... Rick