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    swapping between client database and web database

      Hi i have completed tutorials etc so can now create the sqlite database for my application which is downloaded by the user and will run on thier desktop so i am calling it the "client database" which contains data they are working with but there is another database containing identical tables which i am calling the "global database" the idea of this is to transfer data between the different clients and backup that information.

      so i am looking for a tutorial or a sample app where the app takes information from a web based database and copy's that rob into a sqlite database on the clients machine?

      this is the main problem im having and seen people mentioning blaze DS and stuff like that, ideally i wouldn't like to use PHP but atm is looking like i may have to.

      i will sell my soul to anyone who can help with this lol
      (also i am using FLEX 3.0)
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          SujitG Level 2

          Yes, if you use LCDS everything is there already for you, so that you can complete this application in very less time. Since you want to use PHP, you can use Zend PHP, which will support Remoting using AMF. Using Zend PHP, write PHP classes which will help you to synchronize data between server and client and just invoke those from your Flex application when required.

          Hope this helps.