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    How can I have Multipile drop down boxes with autopopulating java based on 2 selecitons?


      I have a form that I have created two drop down menus. The first drop down menu is a Identification for a subject being taught the second is what part of the lesson is being taught. Based on the selection of drop down box 1 and drop down box 2 I would like it to auto populate how many hours was taught based on what item was selected in drop down box 1 and 2. There is 43 lessons listed in drop down box and each lesson is divided differently in course material and length. Is there a java script I could input in to calculate the hours based on those selections? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


      For example


      Drop Down Box 1 selected                                              Drop down box 2 Selected                                                     Hours taught

      Changing a Tire                                                               Learning Step Activity 3                                                            1.4




      Drop Down Box 1 selection changed to                                             Drop down box 2 Selection changed to                                           Hours taught

      Changing engine oil                                                                            Learning Step Activity 2                                                                    1.1



      Is there a way using java to create this function and if so any help with creating it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you