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    A few questions on cfpdfform

    thanesherrington Level 1

      So I'm using the following code to create a PDF from data from a query.

      <cfpdfform action="populate" source="test.pdf" destination="GeneratedPDFs/test.pdf" overwrite="yes">



      <cfpdfformparam name="FirstLine1" value="#Variables.FirstLine#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="SecondLine1" value="#Variables.SecondLine#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="AddressBox1" value="#Variables.AddressBox#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="Body1" value="#Variables.Body1#">


      <cfpdfformparam name="FirstLine2" value="#Variables.FirstLine#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="SecondLine2" value="#Variables.SecondLine#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="AddressBox2" value="#Variables.AddressBox#">

      <cfpdfformparam name="Body2" value="#Variables.Body2#">



      <cfpdf action="write" source="GeneratedPostCards/!PostCard2013-Vipre.pdf" destination="GeneratedPostCards/!PostCard2013-Vipre-flat.pdf" flatten="yes" overwrite="true">



      This works fine, and generates the PDF for me, but I've run into three issues:

      1)If I set a form field in Acrobat Pro DC to a Rich Text, then no matter what font I select, I get Courier.  In order to get the font I want, I have to turn off Rich Text.

      2)I'd like to change the line spacing or leading in the multi-line fields, but I don't see a way to do that (either in Acrobat or in ColdFusion).

      3)I'd like to be able to bold, italicize, and change the colour of specific words (not the entire field) and I'm wondering if there are codes I can pass from ColdFusion to do this.