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    recreate an EXE file to install in PC

      hello, I have a program which was create in director. i have installed it in my PC and once it's installed i can do to the program files folder and look at all the director files. I have EDITED four .dir files. and it's at a point where i like it to be... now how would i recreate this program to be installed in a new computer with my changes???

      the CD i have receive originally from my boss was an EXE file. which walked me through the installation process and installed the software...

      then i edited the files in my local machine... cause i don't have access to the original which was done else where...

      can i now create an executable just like the CD??? and put it in a new CD and install it in a different machine?

      i'm very new at this... sorry if i'm not explaining it properly... thanks