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    [ActionManager] Merge on top with Name

    DBarranca Level 4


      I vaguely recalled to have asked about this in the past (although my memory could fail me), but I can't find the post, maybe it was on ps-scripts.com

      I'd need to pack into a single ActionManager step a "merge layer on top" (command + shift + option + E) with the layer name set.

      My (unsuccessful) take is:


      function s2t (s) { return app.stringIDToTypeID(s) }
      var d1 = new ActionDescriptor();
      d1.putBoolean(s2t('duplicate'), true);
      // trying to set the name =======
      var d2 = new ActionDescriptor();
      d2.putString( s2t('name'), "some name");
      d1.putObject(s2t('using'), s2t('layer'), d2);
      // ======
      executeAction(s2t('mergeVisible'), d1, DialogModes.NO);


      Alas always the default name (which depends on the existing layers) is used.

      I know it's not the end of the world to divide into 2 steps but... ;-)

      Thanks in advance for any suggestion,



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          Mikaeru69 Level 3

          Hi Davide,


          So far, I've never found a way to achieve a stamp visible operation with a new layer name in one single step only.

          Here is how I do it in some of my scripts, by creating first an empty layer:


          function stampVisible (name)
              var desc1 = new ActionDescriptor ();
              var ref1 = new ActionReference ();
              ref1.putClass (app.stringIDToTypeID ("layer"));
              desc1.putReference (app.stringIDToTypeID ("target"), ref1);
              if (name)
                  var desc2 = new ActionDescriptor ();
                  desc2.putString (app.stringIDToTypeID ("name"), name);
                  desc1.putObject (app.stringIDToTypeID ("using"), app.stringIDToTypeID ("layer"), desc2);
              app.executeAction (app.stringIDToTypeID ("make"), desc1, DialogModes.NO);
              var desc3 = new ActionDescriptor ();
              desc3.putBoolean (app.stringIDToTypeID ("duplicate"), true);
              app.executeAction (app.stringIDToTypeID ("mergeVisible"), desc3, DialogModes.NO);
          stampVisible ("New Layer");