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    Firework not Open Software


      Hello I am try to open software when i click the open button the firework logo come up after few mints logo disappear and than the software not open.

      when i restore my iMac sytem after new adobe installation firework open .

      after few day same problem comes again. plz resolve this issue.



      Arsh Rayat

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          Herbert2001 Level 4

          We need more information: what version of Fireworks? What version of MacOsX?

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            Herbert2001 Level 4

            It sounds as if your Mac is installing updates which breaks your Fireworks.


            In case you are running the latest El Capitan OSX:

            Fireworks is not very compatible with El Capitan, and a number of issues exist. Remember, Fireworks was discontinued in May 2013, and is dead software, no longer supported, and no bug fixes or updates are forthcoming from Adobe.


            Officially Fireworks CS6 and previous versions are not compatible with the latest OSX.


            Unofficially you might be able to get it to run by installing a clean El Capitan, install legacy Java (which is insecure, btw), and reinstall Fireworks.


            However, reports in getting Fireworks to run on El Capitan are mixed, with some users stating they are successful, others failing no matter what they tried, and yet others having Fireworks (and other CS6 apps) crashing randomly.


            More info related to Java here: http://www.macstrategy.com/article.php?135