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    Wrong CMYK color when i place Illustrater in Indesign


      Hey There,


      Sorry for my probably bad English in advance.


      I am fighting with Illustrator and InDesign CC 2015 for hours now, even with the adobe support (but they are closed in Germany now) and couldn’t found a solution in the web and here.


      I created a logo in Illustrator in CMYK and placed it (*.ai) in InDesign. To keep it simple i explain the problem with just the blue color:

      A CMYK 83-69-9-16 from AI receives as

      a CMYK 87-74-17-3 in ID. The exact numbers has changed during our testing seasons +/- 2.


      Does anyone has a solution for that? Because i the CMYK code is prescribed.


      Thank you very much for your help


      Additional Information:

      • Both files ID and AI have the color profiles "Coated FORGA (OSO 12647-2:2004)"

      • The colors in Illustrator where correct before, during, and after all that.

      • We renamed files under %appdata% adobe. For ID and AI to reset settings

      • We tried it under a different user on my laptop

      • I use Windows 10

      • Version of InDesign CC: Version 2015.1      Build x64

      • Version of Illustrator CC: Version 2015.1.1   19.1.1 (64-bit)