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    Need to Download Presenter 8


      Did some searching in the forum, could not find an answer, sorry if I missed it.  I have a license of Presenter 8 and need to revisit an old project and it is not installed on my latest computer 64 bit Windows 8.1.  Where can I download a full version of the latest version of Presenter 8?  I can only find this page with an update to 8 and full versions of 7: Adobe - Adobe Presenter : For Windows Where is version 8 archived and available for download? Thank you.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Odds are you may be out of luck. If you have an old installer somewhere then you could use that, but Adobe doesn't provide access to historical versions. The exception is usually if you had purchased it through a program that gave you access through http://licensing.adobe.com/, as all your past purchases would be available there. But that is probably a long shot.


          Could you use the trial version of Presenter 11?

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            Sharad Vatsa Employee Moderator



            In case you purchased Adobe Presenter 8 from Adobe.com, then you may access the download link from your account using the below instructions:


            1. Login to your Adobe.com account by visiting http://www.adobe.com/ and clicking the Sign In link at the top right corner.
            2. Now Sign in using your Adobe ID
            3. Click Manage Account
            4. Click View your Orders
            5. Click your Order number for the desired product
            6. Scroll down and click on the Download link. This will take you to the product download page with download link to your product version.


            Please try this and let me know in case you do are unable to locate the product under your account and we will try some other way to help you.




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              dwkqa Level 1

              Bingo.  Thank you Sharad.