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    Images are grayed out!


      Help! I am trying to publish a document from InDesign via the new publish online feature. Last night when I originally test the document everything seemed to work correctly. Today in the same document my images are exporting as gray squares. It is also showing up that way in my interactivity preview panel. It is the same document and images as yesterday. (There is a possibility I didn't notice this issue last night, but I find it highly unlikely. Either way it isn't working now). I can't figure out what I need to get my images to show up in the panel or export correctly. I have tried the following things:

      • Changing the color modes of the images
      • uninstalling and reinstalling Indesign
      • Checking to make sure I wasn't missing a setting in exporting

      I am desperate. I am sure it is a simple fix, but I don't even know where to look. I am pretty green to digital publishing.