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    Original dng files trapped in cloud?


      I do not have a pc and therefore only have Lightroom mobile.


      I transferred raw files from my dslr to my phone. Then i added them to Lightroom mobile and created a collection.


      I am unhappy with Lightroom mobile because i can't "save as."  Also, i am not pleased with the low resolution jpegs that my dng files become and there isn't an option to export at a higher quality.


      I decided I'd rather not use Lightroom mobile and this is where my problems began. My original dng files were seemingly moved into lr mobile ( as opposed to copied).


      I can't find my original dng files on my device. Someone please help...


      Are my original dng files trapped in Adobe's cloud? How can i recover my original camera files and save them to my mobile?  Please please help. Thank you for your time.