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    Clone Stamp Source Position with Shortcut? Shortcut Command needed



      Is there a way to move the clone-stamp-position with a shortcut?

      I have a clip of footage running on a race-track, with a dust-spot. So I select the same area in the frame before and stamp it on the position of the next frame. Works fine.

      But the movements change, as the track has curves. So I have to adjust the position of the are that I stamp with the two values from "Source Position".

      - Stamp is not aligned, so "Aligned" is turned off.

      I can of course move the source material, but the "source position" remains the same. So I move the area until the two identical parts are over each-other, but after a few frames the are that I stamp is offset. So now I drag the two numbers for left-righr and up-down of the "Source Position" until the stamping area is over the desired spot.

      If I could move that with a shortcut I hold, meaning the source material now stays put, and the stamp area I can move. That would ramp up the speed dramatically,


      Any ideas?



      The shortcut I found in AE Shortcut-List does not work (same result as not pressing those buttons):

      Show and move overlay (change Offset value of aligned Clone Stamp tool or change Source Position value of unaligned Clone Stamp tool) //// Option+Shift-drag with Clone Stamp tool


      Thank you,