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    How can multiple users Sign a PDF?


      I work for a company that uses Adobe Acrobat daily. Many of the users were recently updated to "Adobe Acrobat Standard DC 2015 Classic Release - Version 2015.006.30097".

      The users that were updated now do not have the ability to sign a PDF if another user (coworker) has signed it first. How do we get around that?

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          sukritd15 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Is everyone using the same version of Acrobat DC?

          How are they trying to sign the PDF?

          Also what happens when they try to sign a PDF?



          Sukrit Dhingra

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            leahf77745344 Level 1

            Thanks for answering sukritd15!

            Not everyone is using the same version. A few people just got updated to Version 2015.006.3009. It has a totally different interface than the older version.

            Before anyone was updated, we could pass the PDF around and all could "Place Signature" very easily. We have many PDF's where 3-4 people need to sign.

            Now, people who have the updated version can add signature but ONLY if they are the first person to sign. If they try to sign second, third, etc. they do no have the option to sign.

            For the last few months we can get around it by the few people with the new version will sign first and then send PDF for other with the old version. It was more of an inconvenience. It is very difficult now because many of us are getting new computers and only have the newest version available and we cannot revert back to an old version of Adobe.


            We are in scramble mode to try to figure out who has what version, who is in the office to sign, who has to sign first, etc. We want support on this topic but cannot get any via phone.