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    Lightroom import now defaults to "move" instead of "add."


      Has anyone found a solution to this?


      Unfortunately I've gotten used to dragging / dropping folders and quickly hitting import. I never use the move function in the import dialogue box. Lightroom's previous default was to add the files, now I get caught off guard and realize my error once LR has already moved half of my files out of their folders and lumps them all into the "Pictures" folder. Sometimes it even decides to strip the naming convention as well. This seems to mainly be an issue when a new catalog is created (I do this for every job). I contacted customer service and all I got was a big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


      I know this is a habit that I myself will probably have to change (slow down, check all the import options) but I was hoping maybe someone located a preference to change the default back to "add"?


      Thanks in advance.

      Lightroom 2015.3 for Mac