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    disable backup zip


      My "client" (good friend who says he will pay me when he starts making money ) has a 6+TB catalog and it is only going to get bigger  Doing a catalog backup when LR shutdown takes a LOOOONG time and frequently crashes.  Both issues I am convinced are related to LR creating a ZIP version of the catalog.


      Catalog backups are now a separate disk (full backup of the LR data takes well over 12 hours, also on separate disks) so space is not an issue.  How do I tell LR to STOP zipping the catalog backup ?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Theoldwizard1,


          Unfortunately, There is no way to stop the zipping process of Lightroom backup catalog.




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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            You cannot prevent the ZIPping of catalog backup.

            There are also known problems with zipping files that are over 4 gig in size.

            If your client's catalog (*.LrCat file) is really 6+gig (just the catalog file, not including the preview folders) then the workaround would be to break up that catalog into multiple ones that are less than 4 gig in size.

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