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    InDesign laggy on my iMac

    AABBCCJuile Level 1

      I am running InDesign CC on my iMac. I'm just typing text and every few minutes, it stops and the little spinning ball shows up. I opened up my activity monitor, and it shows InDesign is using about 7%, but every once in awhile it jumps to 67% or so. Why would this happen? I'm assuming this is why it's lagging occasionally. What can I do to get it to run more smoothly? I use InDesign all day long for design work and this never happens. So I don't know if it's just happening NOW or if it's happening because I'm typing? It is not lagging now while I'm typing this information... it's only in InDesign. Thanks.


      Oh, I'm running OS 10.10.5.