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    error code 50 when opening catalogue on external hard drive


      I am operating an Imac running OSX Yosemite.

      I am using LR4, not the cloud. I keep all my images on an external hard drive by Western Digital. Every now and again when I try to open Lightroom I get an error code 50. This does not happen all the time but when it does I have to physically pull the plug on the external hard drive as it will not let me even eject it. I contacted Western digital and they recommended I contact Adobe Lightroom.

      Can anyone help me with this problem? It seems that there is no customer support available to me except this forum.

      Western digital has said that if Adobe deems it is the hard drive causing this problem they will replace it but I must contact Adobe first.

      I should also add that I have Crash Plan running in the background as a cloud storage for all my images.