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    Import Excel data with multiple cell range into InDesign table

    Christopher Panny Level 1

      I'm working with InDesign CS6 and I have to import a specific range of cells from an Excel worksheet. The spreadsheet has data on columns A - H and rows 2-150. (Row 1 is a header, which I don't need). I only need to grab columns B and E for a simple 2 row / 2 col table. The rows I need span from 2 through 41. When I attempted to import this via the Import Options dialogue, I tried entering the following cell range: B2:B41 , E2:E41 but I get an error that says it's not  a valid range. I was hoping to be able to do this and just have InDesign then make the table upon import so then I can format it.


      Is there a way to specify a cell range with multiple range values or should I just resort to making the table first and then copying and pasting the B range and E range in 2 separate steps?