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    Abuse report

      Hi guys, if you check Kristi's top-rating theme - Zen and Tea, you will find some pretty disgusting comments by someone named 'Aynek' - can these be removed (and I suggest the user be removed permanently as well)

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          Kristi Taylor
          Thanks Jeff. I agree the line was crossed with that last comment. I PMed the kuler team and they are on it so the disrespectful language should go bye bye very soon.
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            First Blood Part II
            Hi guys on Adobe Kuler.
            I fully agree.
            Until there I think of Kuler it`s a worldwide,
            interesting, a public and a social community
            which is nice - and should be nice to everyone,
            when he or she posts comments to a theme, no matter if
            she or he agrees or disagrees to the theme, no matter if
            he or she likes the theme, We should be nice, considerately
            and - we should be ready to help, when someone does have
            a question. For that - there`s something called " T h e A d o b e
            K u l e r C o m m u n i t y".

            But what we don`t should and have to do, is
            to insult people, discriminate against and write very
            stupid and unwanted and even outrageous comments, like
            these ones.
            Because that don`t have to be on such a public and worldwide
            community like this one.

            So I hope I wrote this in a way that you can understand it,
            because I`m from Germany. But I had to write this,
            because I was very shocked, no - horrified about this.

            Thank you for reading this and may you ""pay attention to" it.
            But also I think the most people one Adobe Kuler are very nice and
            are ready to help each one and are very social and are very involved
            to the whole community and the Adobe Kuler platform itsself,
            no matter how good their colour themes are or not, how much they`ve
            got, or are they in the Highest Rated list or Most popular list or
            not. Everyone of yours does good work and I thank you that
            so much themes are on Adobe Kuler and we`re free to use it,
            aren`t we.

            Thank you,

            Yours Rocky
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              First Blood Part II Level 1
              And I think too (I agree to Jeff),
              the person who write this comment
              in Kristi's top-rating theme - Zen and Tea -
              don`t matter why - should be completely removed
              from every Adobe Systems forum and community,
              Adobe Kuler Team.

              Thank you Adobe Kuler Team,
              I really respect and say "Thank you" for
              your work you do for the Adobe Kuler platform
              which I really like and love,

              Yours Rocky
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                Kristi Taylor Level 1
                Yes, I agree with you Rocky. This is a very nice place with the vast majority of the community positive and helpful, remaining respectful even when communicating critisism of a theme. Obviously this is an exception and not the norm...else a naughty word filter and/or report abuse link would have been required on the comment box long ago. Here's hoping kuler never needs it!
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                  tphinsf Adobe Employee
                  To all: these comments have been removed. Our apologies to the Kuler Community and to kbtaylor that they stayed on the site for so long.
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                    jeff_edis Level 1
                    thank you - good job!
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                      First Blood Part II Level 1
                      Best wishes,

                      Yours Rocky