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    Files missing after CC update

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      Creative Cloud demanded an update yesterday. After the update finished, my Creative Cloud Files all began a resyncing process. Annoying, I thought, but no big deal. Turns out, it was a big deal. I am now missing all files older than July 2015!


      So I logged in to my account online thinking that maybe there was some sort of sync issue. Shows the same exact thing. Can't find a single file older than July 2015, and I have several. The Archived section shows a handful of my missing files, however, when I click Restore, they disappear from the Archived section and go missing altogether.


      I contact Adobe support via online chat, and that has so far proven to be a waste of time. Can't get through on the phone as every option related to Creative Cloud results in a message telling me that phone support does not exist for my product.

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          Update --


          Finally received some help via chat. Come to find out, all of my missing files were in a folder in the Archived section online. Here, it is not possible to view folder contents, size, etc. Upon restoring everything, several folders and files were duplicated. With the folders, the original titled folders contain only files since July 8, 2015. The duplicated folders, appended with a "1", contain only files from July 7, 2015 and older. Now to wade through, comparing and merging everything back to how its supposed to be.


          At this point, all I can say is what a mess and what a waste of time!!!!!


          Lessons Learned: Before updating Creative Cloud, be sure to create a backup of all of your creative cloud documents!