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    Dreamweaver + Coldfusion .dev Environment

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      Hello, thanks in advance for your help.

      I'm trying to understand and figure out the best way to create a development environment using dreamweaver and coldfusion shared hosting that uses a ".dev" sub domain for all development and testing and then have a way to push/manage files to the live web server. Currently the way I use coldfuion and dreamweaver together is that I have a local folder on my computer and use dreamweaver to ftp the files to my shared hosting account. I use a mysql database on my shared crystal tech hosting. This works fine.... but I want a .dev sub domain where I can write and test new code and not have it affect the live website. I also want to have the .dev site available via any web connection through secure login/password. In addition I would like to set up a dev mysql datasource and have the same "check in/check out" file management system.

      I have looked into dreamweaver's testing server option but couldn't get it to work properly - also this doesn't solve my issues with securing the pages and the file management.

      Do you have any advice on how best to set up a similar environment using dreamweaver and shared coldfusion hosting?

      Thanks, Steve