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    Help! Problem with Camera Raw image adjustments


      Hello everyone,

      I've recently upgraded to El Capitan from Snow Leopard. I am using Photoshop CS5.1 and ACR 6.3. I am working with DNG files from my Canon T5i. (converted from CR2 files with DNG Converter).

      ok, so here's the problem: Before upgrading the OS, everything was fine. Now, I've noticed that all the files that I've previously adjusted in ACR, are still "adjusted" visually, but all of the sliders have been reset to default, and some are greyed out.

      For instance, let's say I have an image I desaturated in the past. Now, if I open it in ACR, the image is still gray, but all teh sliders are reset, and the saturation slider is sometimes greyed out. Regardless, the color information is gone, so I can't go back to the original color version.

      Again, these are DNG files, so no XMP files like CR2 files use....

      Any suggestions?