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    Burning a DVD with Elements 14


      I have tried twice to burn a DVD of my project which is finished. I get a message that the media is being encrypted, I get the burning in progress message, and then before it's finished, I get the message "Quick time" doesn't currently support display setting. Please change and restart."

      Then I get the message that the burn is complete and files have been uploaded to ISO files.  But the discs seem to contain nothing at all.  I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.  I'm stumped--as usual.


      Thank you all,

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 14 on what computer operating system.


          Are you sure of the message that you are reporting

          I get the message "Quick time" doesn't currently support display setting.

          Do you mean what you wrote or is the message that your video card/graphic card has a problem?


          1. If you have Windows 10 64 bit, then have installed QuickTime 7.7.6   QuickTime 7.7.6 for Windows

          Otherwise install QuickTime 7.7.8   QuickTime - Download - Apple


          2. What video card/graphics card does your computer use?

          Please look at the burn to disc (Expert & Share/Disc/DVD with and without the Hardware Acceleration preference disabled in Edit Menu/Preferences/General. See "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and newer)".


          3. When you are in Expert & Share/Disc/DVD and you want to burn to disc, do you have Type = Disc and not ISO Image?


          Let us work through the details to come up with the solution so that you can move forward with your projects.


          Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.