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    Robohelp X5 For HTML Support Question

    Wayne K.
      We are currently using Robohelp X5 for HTML and are contemplating an upgrade to version 7 probably later this year. In the meantime, has there been any discussion about ending support for X5?

      Please let us know - thanks.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Wayne

          There will be wars and there will be rumors of wars...

          X5 was introduced in January 2004. I'm not sure what you mean by "ending support". If that question is intended to ask if Adobe will "officially" stop supporting that version, I'm personally not sure they ever have!

          This isn't intended to slam Adobe Support in any way, but probably your best form of support is right here in these forums.

          As for upgrading to version 7, why upgrade to that when 8 is available and offers a richer experience?

          Cheers... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            I think the support policy is current version and previous version.

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              I use RoboHelp x5 and have since early 2005. Adobe offered support (I had unlimited support) only through the expiration of my support plan, which was Oct 31, 2006. I have been "on my own" since then.

              Also, I am looking to upgrade but want to upgrade to RH8, not 7. Can I ask why you would update to an already outdated version? The reason I ask, I may have to also upgrade to 7 because my company does not have RH8 on the approved software list yet.

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                I would just like to add to this that we are using RoboInfo v5 and just recently we wanted to install a new copy on a different computer. We found out that Macromedia (I think) took the activation server offline sometime in Oct of 2008. So that version is no longer able to be reinstalled. Adobe's fix is offering an upgrade to RoboHelp X5 for free however in a corporate environment (with an extremely active website) that is not the most convenient solution. I am assuming that we could upgrade to RH X5 and there would be no issues with our RoboEngine v2 on our production servers. Is anyone familiar with any issues? Also, if we upgraded to RH 8, could we test publish to our RE v2 servers and if there were any issues then re-publish using our RI 5 without issue? Thanks for any help.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Welcome to our community, SmokeyCurtis

                  I'm thinking that if you were to upgrade to RoboHelp 8 you would also need to upgrade the RoboHelp Server component. I don't believe the RoboHelp 8 output will understand that older RoboEngine.

                  Adobe acquired Macromedia long before October 2008, so it was probably Adobe who took the activation server offline. Either that or it simply collapsed.

                  If I were in your shoes, I'd probably go the free X5 upgrade route.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    cmullins@cfsloans.com Level 1
                    Definitely take a look at the system requirements. With the x5 RoboEngine, I know you need Intel Pentium III Processor 450MHz or faster. The web server also has operating requirements - i.e. IIS (I have 6.0).

                    I did read where Windows 2000 Prof & XP Prof with IIS are not as stable as operating systems designed to run a server environment (i.e WIndows NT).

                    I know x5 also requires certain service packs.

                    I am looking into moving to a SQL Server as I am nearing 5000 files, the point where macromedia recommended the move to SQL, and read that it will require an additional service pack.