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    html help sample?

      I have created several winhelp files with program called Easyhelp. And it was quite easy, but now I need to convert and create htmlhelp files for vista. I would like to use robohelp. but it seems to indepth? Maybe robohelp is much more safisticated then necessary for this task. I can't believe it seems so confusing trying to use this program. Maybe if I had a basic sample of a *.chm project for robo it woudl help? Sample help? opinion in this software?

      Also. do you find robohelp extremely slow?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, fjb2069

          Do I find RoboHelp slow? Not really. Then again, slow is a very subjective area.

          RoboHelp has some information built into it that may help. I also offer some eBooks that some find interesting. I'm about halfway through creating my latest, which consists of a full training class for RoboHelp HTML.

          Cheers... Rick