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    photo layer help


      getting  an error message when trying to add a photo layer using the google photo search option. please help

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Might have something to do with the way Google constantly changes their services around. I get the error as well. Don't expect an update as PS Touch was discontinued.


          An alternative way is to use your devices browser and download images that way. (Be aware of copyright/ownership issues, of course.)

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            Joey301 Level 1

            i did not know that ps tuoch was discontinued hut i could tell there was not much support. I will delete it from my ipad

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Actually, there was a bit of support while it was available. Things seemed to have gone anemic when John Nack left for Google. (It was partly his baby, after all.) Still, even though it's discontinued, it's pretty powerful, so it remains on my tablet when I need it (or until I buy one of those nice little Surface Pro tablets; wouldn't need PS Touch anymore as I'd have full-on Photoshop.)