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    Preview files issues.


      Is anyone else having issues with the preview files?

      I'm previewing files to see if they are suitable for my work. However; the image is such poor quality how can I tell? It's not just low-res its unusable and blurry.


      Yet when I just right-click and copy the image I get a version I can use.


      This seems rather a weird error.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          do you have a specific image you can link to for an example? I personally have not experienced this so I can check that image for you.

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            Sachin Rastogi10 Adobe Employee

            Hi A-J.Smith,


            Greetings !!


            Have you tried to preview these images on different devices, like laptop, desktop, iPad etc to find any variations.

            Is there a secondary monitor screen connected ?


            Any specific format/extension images have this issue ?


            Do let us know.




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              A-J.Smith Level 1

              I have the issue with any preview file i download. They are all AI/EPS files which I'm using yet when i download them and open in either AI or ID they are tiny tiny image previews. So small that I cannot even expand them to view in a project. One document is only an A4 size and yet I have to copy and paste the image to get a decent view as the preview file just doesn't work. I don't know what is wrong.

              I'm working on my laptop and its only issues with Adobe preview files from Adobe Stock; i really don't get how I'm going to use the preview to see if the files would work before licencing if they just don't work


              The preview file is disgraceful.


              I would add an example but it doesn't matter what file I pick

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                I have the same issue, if I download a JPEG preview, it is useable for a working mockup, yet when I download a preview of a vector file the preview file downloads as AdobeStock_82358891_WM.ai, yet when I place or open this in Indesign or Illustrator it is tiny, and then when it is scaled it is unusable on a mockup design.


                It does not matter what vector / illustration file I download, all the previews are tiny, yet a JPEG file is fine.

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                  leet20352433 Level 1

                  I have exactly the same issue, any AI / EPS file the preview is totally unusable for a client proof. Why has Adobe not addressed this, there are many other forum posts complaining about this issue.


                  PLEASE ADOBE SORT THIS OUT!