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    Not able to import images of Doc File in to Robohelp

      I have written User manual in doc file.The number of pages are 600.It consist of many images in jpg/png format.I ahve converted the doc file in html filter format.While importing the image sare not visible in compiled html format in Robohelp.Can you please guide me how to retain image sin Robohelp.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Atulmanohar.

          Can you help us out a bit here? Can you tell us whether the images are not there at all or whether there is a box where the image should be with an "X" inside? Also can we safely assume you are using RH HTML?

          Whatever the answer, I would think that importing a 600 page document compiled mainly of images would cause your PC (not RH) some problems and that the images are inside your project, just not rendering correctly in the display.

          Things to consider is whether you create one topic with the entire document or split it up. You may also try importing sections of the document at a time.

          Then there is the question as to why you are writting the document in Word rather than in RH?