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    After Effects crashing iMac during render - hardware issue?


      One of our iMacs keeps crashing when we try and render certain things in After Effects. I'm almost certain it's a hardware issue but I need help narrowing it down a bit more.


      AE will get part way through a render and then it will play very loud distorted audio out of the speakers (or headphones) for a few seconds before the computer shuts itself off and restarts. When it restarts I check the logs but there doesn't appear to be anything really out of the ordinary in the time where it crashes. I can post an example if anyone wants to see.


      I also decided to use the Apple Diagnostics tool to see if there was any issue with the hardware but it came back with no issues found.


      I booted the iMac into safe mode and I was able to easily render out the file. As soon as I booted back up into 'normal' mode, I couldn't render it without the computer crashing.


      I decided to completely reformat the computer with a fresh copy of OS X 10.10.5 (same version it was running before). I installed only After Effects CC and loaded up the project but again, it crashed the computer any time I tried to render it.


      We had a very similar issue a few months ago with one of our Mac Pros - it would crash constantly when using Adobe products and it would freeze the whole computer. It also passed Apple's diagnostic tests but it also showed GPU-related errors in the Console logs.


      Any other troubleshooting tips would be welcome, though I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue.